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Mike Smiarowski, Buffalo, New York Guitarist and Composer brings us his sixth release of Jazz Fusion and Improvisation with "Mike Smiarowski Takes Manhattan Vol. 2 - Solos and Duets." Mastered by Lane Gibson.

If you like Al DiMeola, Pat Martino, George Benson AND Terry Kath (Jimi Hendrix's favorite guitarist - Wikipedia), this will thoroughly excite your ears.

Mike Smiarowski Takes Manhattan – Volume 2

Solos & Duets

Included herein is Mike’s medley/tribute to the band Chicago. Tracks 5 through 9 celebrate one of the longest-running and most successful rock groups in music history.

Announcer introduces Mike Smiarowski and Jay Bania. Letting his guitar do the talking, these songs represent Mike’s interpretations of some of his biggest musical influences.
Guitar rendition of instrumental jazz fusion composition by jazz pianist/composer Chick Corea. Chick was a big influence on Mike's music - Great solo work!!
Mike uses Al DiMeola's tune as a vehicle for some tremendous improvisations!
Original, solo electric guitar piece evoking images of love and mystery in this historic region of Spain! Original written by Mike Smiarowski © Smear Records, Ⓟ Smear Songs (BMI).
Excerpt of Intro
Excerpt - where Mike plays violin melodies on guitar
Excerpt - plays melody then used to display Mike's improvisational skills!
Excerpt - showcases Mike's creative Jazzy improvisations over a really nice chord progression!!
Full-length version
In this emotionally packed Jazz/Rock rendition of the Chicago classic, Mike really stretches out like Terry Kath used to back in the "Old Days." Mike can really Rock!
Mike Smiarowski: Electric lead guitar all tracks except track 1
Jay Bania: Electric rhythm guitar all tracks except 1 and 4

Produced by Mike Smiarowski
Recorded live at various performances in New York
Recorded and engineered by Paul Gworek(Unk)
Mastered by Lane Gibson at Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, Charlotte, VT

Art direction and design by A. Michelle, and Al Gomes
This album, along with all of my music, is dedicated to the memory of my Dad, Mitchell P. Smiarowski.

Loving thanks to my mother, Helen - I couldn't have created all of my music without your help!

Also special thanks to my brother Kyle, for all of his support!!

Thanks to Paul Gworek (Unk), Robert Gworek (Paco), Chris Mazur.

Thanks to the group Chicago for their continuous musical inspiration - past and present.

Thanks to Al Gomes and A. Michelle at Big Noise for their continued assistance in exposing my many different ‘Musical Fantasies’ to the world!