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"Live, Fiery, Passionate Acoustic Flamenco / Jazz Improvisations"
Hot, fiery, passionate, Flamenco music! Enjoy this musical trip back to the Old West, Spain, and Mexico. Improvisations from various live performances - inspired by great movie soundtracks such as Elmer Bernstein's Academy Award-nominated score for "The Magnificent Seven," and many other so-called "spaghetti Westerns."

Mike Smiarowski Live: Latin Moods

Hello. My name is Mike Smiarowski : Guitarist / Composer. I write and play Instrumental music that appeals to all ages and races. My music is an eclectic blend of many styles of music.

After releasing three studio CDs: 'Island Fantasy,' 'Island Fantasy - Part-II', and 'Fusion,' - which have been on the Grammy Awards Ballot in years - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013 in a total of 18 categories! and have been featured on 'Air Force One' - I've decided to release a "Live", totally acoustic, Flamenco / Jazz Improvisations CD to show another side of my musical creations!

These songs were created totally "Live," showing my love of all forms of Latin music, especially Flamenco! I've always been inspired by the catchy melody lines and great wealth of rhythms incorporated and pure emotion that is expressed. With this combination - it always makes it interesting for the listener.

I have been inspired by great movies from the past including 'The Magnificent Seven' with the great musical score by the great Elmer Bernstein. In fact, I dedicate a song to him on my 'Fusion' CD: 'Spanish/Mexican Fantasy,' which is with my Electric band. This "Live" recording is all Acoustic.

Also, other inspirations have been the so-called Spaghetti Westerns and many TV shows which incorporated a lot of Spanish/Mexican music.

This "Live" CD displays my improvising skills in creating songs and solos on the spot! Some of the tunes - Tracks 5 & 6 - are vehicles for pure Flamenco. By the way, these tracks are named: 'Fiery, Passionate Flamenco - Parts I & II.'

I have wanted to release a "Live" CD for a long time. I want people to feel the magic of my concert performances. I draw energy from the audience, and that in turn inspires me to give everything I have emotionally, and that makes my musical performance better!

- Mike

This music was all improvised at various live performances. The inspiration that led to these songs came from great movies such as “The Magnificent Seven,” and many so-called “Spaghetti Westerns.”

Call me a guitar slinger - packing six strings instead of a six-gun. Have guitar, will travel - out to get your attention!

I tend to get very emotional when performing live - it helps me to infuse even more feeling into this hot, fiery, passionate, Flamenco music. I hope you feel it too!!!

Enjoy this musical trip back to the Old West, Spain and Mexico, with beautiful Spanish art and architecture, mission churches, tumbleweeds, cantinas, señoritas, and a fiesta on every street.

Visit the past with images of history and beauty!
In live performances, Mike opens with a Latin/Flamenco intro to the song: Cookin' Coconuts - track 4 from the Island Fantasy-Part-ll CD - not on studio album.
Mike's interpretation of one of his major influences/inspirations - Steve Howe (Yes). Mike ties it together (a la Flamenco) to Cookin' Coconuts - Part 2.
More images evoking a Spanish mood!
Hot, technical, and emotionally charged - straight ahead, wild, Flamenco/Jazz! Olé!
Hot, technical, and emotionally charged - straight ahead, wild, Flamenco/Jazz! Double Olé!!
Mike Smiarowski : Lead acoustic guitar improvised live on all tracks
Tim Ralston : Rhythm acoustic guitar on tracks 5 & 6
Kirk Brundage : Percussion on tracks 5 & 6
Produced by Mike Smiarowski
Engineered by Paul Gworek (Unk)
Mixed by Mike Smiarowski & Paul Gworek (Unk)
Recorded at various “Live” performances in New York State, USA
Mastered by Lane Gibson at Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, Charlotte, VT

Art direction and design by A. Michelle, Al Gomes for Big Noise
Cover photo by Paul Gworek and A. Michelle
This album, along with all of my music, is again dedicated to the memory of my Dad, Mitchell P. Smiarowski.

Loving thanks to my mother, Helen - I couldn't have created all of my music without your help! Words can't describe my gratitude!!

Also special thanks to my brother Kyle, for all of his support!!

Thanks to Paul Gworek (Unk), Robert Gworek (Paco), Chris Mazur.

Thanks to Al Gomes and A. Michelle at Big Noise for their continued assistance in exposing my many different ‘Musical Fantasies’ to the world!
All songs written by Mike Smiarowski
Except "Roundabout" written by Jon Anderson and Steve Howe.
© Smear Songs (BMI) except ‘Roundabout’ © Cotillion Music.
All rights reserved.