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"A musical, mythical tour of tropical splendor!"

Relax, sit back and escape to a peaceful, romantic isle - to get away from it all!

I believe that most people need and want to escape from the everyday pressures of life - to try to reach that state of Love, peacefulness and tranquility - at least for a moment. I hope that my music takes you to that dimension - so that you can relax and reflect upon the beauty of nature.

Enjoy your stay!

"I personally invite you to leave all your worries and pressure behind: call your travel agent, pack your bags, make sure to bring your loved one - and travel to another dimension to enjoy your reward of Island Bliss!

"The magical 'Isle of Jábeam' awaits!!!" — Mike


“Island Fantasy“ has a cheerful “wish you were here“ presence about it that will make listeners glow – Gavin

“ISLAND FANTASY“ is a fantastic winter escape“ – FMQB

Island Fantasy

"ISLAND FANTASY" is exactly what the title implies: a musical and mythical journey to a beautiful island paradise; shaped like a guitar; named the "Isle of Jábeam."

It is a dreamscape of fantasy and sound that conjures rum-soaked images of the Caribbean; where it is rumored to be; so the map on the back album cover shows.

Smiarowski is adept at evoking moods and extracting feelings from his instrument, whether it is the celebrative chaos of "Festive Streets" or the romantic bliss of "Lullabye"; the edgy anxiety of "Tension Teaser," which is why one escapes to the 'Isle,' or the margarita magic of the "Isle of Jábeam."

Chas Eller (Keyboard player extraordinaire of Kilimanjaro fame), co-produced this project with Mike. His interplay with Mike is simply beautiful! It is as if they are reading each other's minds. Indeed, their collaboration is one of wondrous splendor!

This is the album, though released on Mike's own small independent label, that rivaled the biggest names in the instrumental music world.

As Mike says, "Most of us have dreamed of escaping to a beautiful paradise and so have I. In this frame of mind my first album, Island Fantasy, was created. Journey with me to the magical 'Isle of Jábeam' on a mythical tour of tropical splendor!".

A Direct Metal Master LP of this album is available on request.
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island paradise island paradise

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No matter what time of day - the uninhibited celebration of fun and love of life takes place in the streets!
Discover the inspiring splendor and happiness evoked - the very thought of this Isle brings joy to the soul!
Dance to the rhythmic pulse/strut of the isle.
Sense the intimate quality of my guitar playing in this Romantic episode!!
Actually represents a tropical bird - Allows me to express my Improvisational Jazz technique - dedicated to Wes Montgomery.
Symbolizes the constantly changing, tension-filled world in which we live.  My performance is intended to encapsulate the multiple moods we all experience throughout our citified lives.  This song is the reason why we welcome our escape to the ‘Isle of Jábeam ‘!
A beautifully orchestrated piece - à la a motion picture theme - conveying island bliss, nature’s beauty, peace, relaxation - picture that escape to this island paradise!
Dance along to the soft, smooth, easygoing, carefree attitude reflected here - and explore the magical, mythical Isle of Jábeam.
Mike Smiarowski: Electric, acoustic, and classical guitars
Chas Eller: Keyboards
Pete Persechino: Bass guitar
Jay Bania: Bass guitar (on ‘Mellow One’ & ‘Tension Teaser’)
Jeff Hollister: Drums and percussion
Produced by Mike Smiarowski and Chas Eller
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Charles Eller Studios, Charlotte, VT, USA
Assistant engineer: Lane Gibson

Art direction and design by A. Michelle, Al Gomes and Bruce Snyder
Photography by Michael Myers
This album, along with all of my music, is dedicated to the memory of my Dad, Mitchell P. Smiarowski.

Loving thanks to my mother, Helen, who has been through it all with me. Thanks for your amazing support and Love!

Also, thanks to my brother, Kyle, for all of his support!!

Thanks to Jeff Hollister, Paul Gworek (Unk), Chris Mazur, and Robert Gworek (Paco).

Thanks to all the artists on this project. Special thanks to Chas Eller for feeling my music.

Thanks to the group Chicago for their musical inspiration.

I want to thank Al Gomes and A. Michelle at Big Noise for their assistance in spreading my ‘Musical Fantasies’ to the world. Thank you for all of your great work!
All songs written by Mike Smiarowski
© Ⓟ Smear Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved.
island paradise