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"Return with me to the magical, mythical Isle of Jábeam!"
Here is where my island fantasy becomes reality! My second musical tour through sensuous tropical splendor is guaranteed to take you away!"

"Relax, sit back and escape to a peaceful, romantic isle – to get away from it all! I believe that most people need and want to escape from the everyday pressures of life – to try to reach that state of Love, peacefulness and tranquility – at least for a moment. I hope that my music takes you to that dimension – so that you can relax and reflect upon the beauty of nature."
-- Mike

"Island Fantasy Part ll" – Like Jimmy Buffet does to the Parrotheads, Smiarowski does to the Adult Alternative airwaves – Gavin

Island Fantasy II

"..a warm tropical tale of getting away from the  hustle-bustle of cold city life."

This instrumental record follows on the heels of his highly successful first release: 'ISLAND FANTASY' and critically-acclaimed 'FUSION.'

Mike's imaginary "Isle of Jábeam" is the perfect setting to highlight his guitar mastery. Playing electric, classical and acoustic guitars, Mike weaves a warm tropical tale of getting away from the  hustle-bustle of cold city life. Like a great story teller, each moment of this album is full of surprise and wonderment.

The songs are rich, diverse and timeless. Many evoke decades of jazz history, yet seem totally fresh. The cuts are upbeat and intriguing; others relaxing and romantic, while still others are haunting.

As a guitar player, Smiarowski can be compared to many of the best. One can hear many influences, most notably George Benson and Wes Montgomery.  But Mike's versatile style has his own distinctive guitar 'voice'.

Chas Eller, (of Kilimanjaro fame) co-produced this album with Mike. The Album was digitally mixed, mastered and recorded at Eller's studio in Vermont. The emotional outpouring of Mike's playing stands in stark contrast to so many of today's sterile sounds. The most remarkable thing about "Return to Jábeam" is that it is eminently playable. You could feel comfortable playing this entire album to a diverse crowd and find many feet tapping to its infectious beat.

Experience the Jábeam sunrise with its magnificent rays that transcend from the heavens above! The beauty of nature is meant to be appreciated.
Rejoice with a grand celebratory party in the streets – Mardi Gras style! Of course, Jábeam is a melting pot of many cultures.
You can just feel the island ‘vibe’ – and if you look closely, you can swear the palm trees are swayin’ in celebration of the island bliss!
Follow the bouncing coconuts – as they reflect the hot, emotionally charged melodies and solos! You will be dancing in the streets after hearing this performance.
Relax with warm, soothing melodies, backed with a Bossa Nova beat that lets you ‘cruise’ along in a peaceful, carefree manner – ‘leading into a beautiful acoustic piano solo by Chas Eller – that fades into the many possibilities that the Night has to offer – into the waves and other sounds of the Night. Dedicated to Wes Montogmery and George Benson.
This song evokes peaceful tranquility and the reason for life itself – LOVE!! My wish for everyone! P.S. This is my Mom’s favorite song.
Anticipation of finding your Loved One – unless you brought them along with you on your Return to Jábeam!
Explore that special part of the Isle - where you escape – even further to another dimension.
The emotionally played melody line tells it all – imagine a romantic interlude on the beach in the evening – not much more needs to be said.
Knowing that your vacation is drawing to a close, you reflect on your joyous experiences – you will have these memories to cherish the rest of your life. Though, you are sad that you must leave the 'Isle of Jábeam.'
Mike Smiarowski: Acoustic, classical, and electric guitars
Chas Eller: Keyboards
Tony Markellis: Fretless and fretted bass
Lucas Adler: Drums
Brian Melick: Percussion

Produced by Mike Smiarowski and Chas Eller
Engineered and mixed by Charles Eller
Assistant engineer: Lane Gibson
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Charles Eller Studios, Charlotte, VT, USA
Art direction and design by A. Michelle, Al Gomes and Bruce Snyder
Photography by Bruce Snyder and Jim Klimczak
This album is dedicated to the loving memory of my Dad: the late, great Mitchell P. Smiarowski. A loving and special thanks to my mom Helen, and brother Kyle for allowing me to continue my dream of bringing heartfelt music to the world!

Thanks to Jeff Hollister, Jay Bania, Paul Gworek (Unk), Robert Gworek (Paco), and Chris Mazur.
A ‘Big’ Thanks to Al Gomes and A. Michelle at Big Noise for their continuous support, and positive and creative input in delivering all of my musical fantasies to the world!
Thanks to all the superb musicians for their great efforts.
Special thanks to Chas Eller for understanding and feeling my music!
Thanks for reserving your tickets for your Return to Jábeam!

All songs written by Mike Smiarowski
© Ⓟ Smear Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved.
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