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Island Fantasy 2 by Mike Smiarowski

Island Fantasy Part II:
Return to Jábeam
$11.99 (CD)


Island Fantasy Part II :
Return to Jábeam

"..a warm tropical tale of getting away from the  hustle-bustle of cold city life."

This instrumental record follows on the heels of his highly successful first release: 'ISLAND FANTASY' and critically-acclaimed 'FUSION.'

Mike's imaginary "Isle of Jábeam" is the perfect setting to highlight his guitar mastery. Playing electric, classical and acoustic guitars, Mike weaves a warm tropical tale of getting away from the  hustle-bustle of cold city life. Like a great story teller, each moment of this album is full of surprise and wonderment.

The songs are rich, diverse and timeless. Many evoke decades of jazz history, yet seem totally fresh. The cuts are upbeat and intriguing; others relaxing and romantic, while still others are haunting.

As a guitar player, Smiarowski can be compared to many of the best. One can hear many influences, most notably George Benson and Wes Montgomery.  But Mike's versatile style has his own distinctive guitar 'voice'.

Chas Eller, (of Kilimanjaro fame) co-produced this album with Mike. The Album was digitally mixed, mastered and recorded at Eller's studio in Vermont. The emotional outpouring of Mike's playing stands in stark contrast to so many of today's sterile sounds. The most remarkable thing about "Return to Jábeam" is that it is eminently playable. You could feel comfortable playing this entire album to a diverse crowd and find many feet tapping to its infectious beat.

A message from Mike: "Return with me to the magical, mythical Isle of Jábeam, where my island fantasy becomes reality. My second musical tour through sensuous tropical splendor is guaranteed to take you away!"

-- Mike


Island Fantasy
$11.99 (CD)


$11.99 (CD)


Latin Moods
$7.99 (CD)


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